Q. How quickly can I be up and running on TruView Live?

A. Using the Virtual Pulse or Global Pulse, your organization can be monitoring your business-critical applications in just minutes. If you would like to use the TruView Live Pulse 1000 at any of your locations, we will typically ship within 1-2 days of your TruView Live account activation.

Q. What is a Pulse?

A: A “pulse” is a tool that captures monitored services’ data. There are 3 types of pulses:

  1. TruView Live Pulse 1000: a micro-appliance that can be physically deployed at any location. It eliminates the need to find a host computer for monitoring services and allows IT to control the device and ensure its availability, security, etc.
  2. Virtual Pulse: a simple, easy-to-download application that can be quickly set up at in remote location. This pulse captures the same data as the micro-appliance TruView Pulse, but is set up as an application on a machine, rather than a physical piece of hardware.
  3. Global Pulse: a "public" pulse located in Amazon Data Centers around the world. A Global Pulse can be set up to monitor services from another area of the world.

Q. What is a Monitored Service?

A: A Monitored Service is any "test" or "monitoring" you want to perform to measure response time, service quality, up/down state, SLA, etc. A monitored service is defined by the "destination" that is to be tested/monitored. Examples of monitored services include:

  • A Website
  • SaaS application hosted in the cloud
  • Software application in the datacenter