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Dossier technique du responsable des technologies de l’information

Une ressource contenant des observations axées sur l’utilisation de nouvelles méthodes et technologies.

Minimiser les perturbations, maximiser le retour sur investissement avec une plate-forme en temps réel pour tirer parti de l’IdO

13 décembre 2016

If your company is preparing to take on real-time data analytics, prepare for some significant changes in the realm of network administration. Real-time analytics deliver powerful BI and insight, but also bring some considerable challenges to the network and compute infrastructures. Real-time analytics is valuable for evaluating website traffic, social media happenings, dynamic marketing and much more.

Série des entretiens avec un expert : Ferran Gutiérrez de Nice People at Work sur l’utilisation des données pour améliorer la vidéo en ligne

12 décembre 2016

Ferran Gutierrez, CEO and Co-Founder of Nice People at Work (NPAW), is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience with - and a successful track record in - technology and video start-ups. He's also the founder of Wuapi and co-founder of

We recently asked Ferran for his insight on how the online video industry should be using data to improve service. Here's what he had to say:

Les directeurs généraux marketing sont les plus susceptibles d’embrasser le réel potentiel de la transformation numérique

Le 17 novembre 2016

Digital Transformation seems like it would fall squarely on the shoulders of the CIO, or perhaps the CTO. A case could be made for the CEO being the driving force behind such transformation. But as it happens, marketing is the department stepping up to leverage these advancements and innovations, and the CMO is therefore, leading the organization's charge into the age of Digital Transformation more so than IT leaders. What does the network administrator need to understand?

8 Défis en matière de supervision réseau dans le secteur de la santé

Le 15 novembre 2016

In most cases, when someone says that lives depend on systems functioning properly, it's a bit of a melodramatic overstatement. In healthcare, it's spot on accurate. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations depend on their network administrators to perform life-saving operations, usually around the clock. Unlike downtime in a financial organization or manufacturing enterprise, it isn't measured in dollars and cents. Downtime is measured in suffering and potential loss of life.

Comment développer une stratégie gagnante en matière de communications unifiées et de collaboration

13 octobre, 2016

Whether the enterprise is transitioning to new ERP software, a new production system, or a new UC&C system, the most common reason these initiatives fail is that there was no realistic strategy in place. For any software selection and implementation process to succeed, it's critical to establish at the very beginning what the business needs from the system and how to best meet those identified needs through features and functionalities of the software systems and vendors available on the market.


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