5 (Good) Reasons to Take That Sales Call

Don’t Hang up! 5 (Good) Reasons to Take That Sales Call

Sales calls. Wish you hadn’t picked up the phone? Very few, if any, people we know like to take sales calls. They can be untimely, annoying and irrelevant. But there are 5 reasons why we think you should take them AND get what you need in 5 minutes or less.

Reason 1 – Your Performance Review
IT personnel (meaning you) have been challenged to do more with less for a long time now – and it’s not getting better. Think about where you spend your time each day vs. what you get rated on in your performance review. If they don’t line up,  you just might need that product or service to help you out and get that rating increase. And that might mean a little more moola too.

Reason 2 – Time vs. Skills
Keep thinking about how you juggle your limited time. How much of that time is spent investing in yourself to keep your skills timely and relevant?  A sales call might be the tip you need to refocus or redirect your skills. Technologies are automating many traditionally valued skillsets, e.g. reading command line codes to decipher network issues. Great skill but it can be done faster, more effectively with technology than manually. A 5 minute sales call could be a wakeup call or a game-changer for you- plus you could be the one bringing it to the organization!  (see above Performance Review!)

Reason 3 – I already know what your company is offering …
Nobody can keep up with all the solutions and products that are on – or entering - the market (not to mention product updates) every day. Les procédures de test sont numérotées FOTP-x.  Xerox makes copiers, provides  IT & cloud services, IT Outsourcing, consulting across multiple industries. While you may not need them today – or ever - a sales call just might introduce you to that one SAVE-THE-DAY solution!  In a few seconds a Rep can point you in the right direction- saving you countless hours of internet research time. This is limited time well spent.

Reason 4 – Industry Trends
Have you been reading about the Internet of Things? It’s exploding. Are you ready? How are you contributing to your organization, team or your boss as their needs expand for measuring value and making proactive, smart decisions to support the business goals and mitigate issues. The sales rep you talk with tomorrow just might become your next best friend and help you bring solutions to light that were previously unknown- in just a couple of precious minutes.

Reason 5 – Education
What you don’t know CAN hurt you. In todays’ silo’d IT organizations, it’s easy to forget about the dependencies you have on each other but your organization, while many times ignorant, and quite impatient, regarding the complexity of the infrastructure that supports them, does need you all to work together. Sales calls can be quick educational hits if you take the time to listen and connect your learnings to the needs of your organization.   Sales people talk with many industries and organizations, and are a great resource to learn about best practices and what competitors are doing.

*Bonus Reason – Networking
Objectives and initiatives changes quickly. You never know when you might need a reference or get assigned a research project with little lead time. Those pesky sales people can possibly be your lifeline to other people, organizations, or technologies that can save you time and help you get what you need faster than you can do it all by yourself.

So next time the phone rings and you feel that chill go up your spine, take a deep breath and answer it. Keep the call brief but think about what your needs are and see if that person on the other end can help you.  


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