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Visual Performance Manager is your answer to provide value-added services in addition to the solutions you already provide. Visual Performance Manager provides comprehensive application performance and network usage metrics along with a highly customizable dashboard reporting system.

Increase the bottom line

  • Incremental (MRC) revenue stream
  • Create differentiated services against your competition to show value
  • Tiered service offerings with upsell capabilities to fit the customer’s individual budget and needs

Decrease customer churn

  • Creates “stickiness” with more value being provided
  • Custom reporting and SLA metrics of application and network performance visibility become standardized tracking metrics within customer environment
  • Reduce trouble ticket creation and No Trouble Found (NTF) for increased customer satisfaction

Maximize effectiveness of service offering

  • Multi-tenant login allows you to support hundreds of customer with a single deployment
  • “Shared View” for collaborative troubleshooting between the customer and the managed service provider viewing the same data from the same data source on the customer premise
  • Quicker time to service implementation with fewer issues and faster billing


Easily identify degraded sites
(click to view larger).

Visual can provide you with industry leading hosted offerings that you can leverage to help drive revenue for your core products plus add new services that empower your customers to fully understand how well their applications are performing.

These offerings can be sold as your custom branded (white-labeled) performance management solution, providing you with a revenue stream based on added value instead of just price, giving you a competitive advantage.

Your customers will immediately benefit from real time visibility into their network and applications. The average life span of a managed service with APM is 7 years which reduces customer churn and allows for decreased operational support costs. By shifting to a “hosted APM” solution, your customers will be able to concentrate on their own line of business without having to purchase capital intensive solutions, which require full time employees to monitor and maintain.


Create clear and succinct views with vital information for multiple IT groups (click to view larger).

Visual Performance Manager is easily integrated into other workflow solutions such as portals, service desks and event life-cycle dashboards through the use of VPM Connex. The addition of end to end business service visibility is an important component to any managed application performance service.

Leveraging the VPM infrastructure across hundreds of customers using the same workflows and visibility for remote monitoring allows for enhanced customer collaboration and satisfaction. The end user can use a single log-in to your customer facing portal allowing for seamless integration and support in opening and closing tickets.

Starting small with a single server installation, a VPM ‘hosted-offer’ can expand to the largest needs of any service provider in the globe. Please click on our MSP partner logos at the top of this page for examples.

How do you want to leverage your solutions with more revenue generating services?

Understand the performance of application, data transfer and network round trip data (click to view larger).

Application Performance Management on the network is a reality and a requirement for the next generation network that will be supporting virtualization, VoIP, Video, hosted applications in the cloud, and optimization. By offering an APM solution to your customers, you stand to differentiate your services from the competitors.

Performance Visibility

  • Monitor critical applications, including voice and video
  • Correlate network and application performance
  • Real-time and back-in-time troubleshooting
  • End-to-end performance validation by CoS

Operational Support Costs Reductions

  • Validate router CoS configurations
  • Increase productivity of operations staff
  • Reduce technician dispatches and downtime

Network and Application Optimization

  • Enables informed planning for Applications and VoIP
  • Optimize CoS and bandwidth requirements
  • Get the most out of your MPLS network

Which applications are your customers rolling out now? How can you help them?

OmniPoint Element provides a scalable deployment on the customized Analysis Service Elements (ASEs), routers, virtual hosts, or acceleration devices.
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A major concern customers have when they consider migration to cloud services is performance, how to measure it and how they assure that critical applications meet adequate service levels when deployed in “the cloud”. Visual offers visibility into the cloud at a clear demarcation point within the network at each remote location. By “hosting” a service based on Visual Performance Manager with your remote monitoring solution the end user will be provided unparalleled visibility, Layer 1 through Layer 7.

Cloud environments, virtualized applications, network optimization and server consolidation; the need for an application aware network is becoming more and more critical. Customers tell us they need real-time and back-in-time application analysis to complement these and other strategic initiatives.

How are you going to take advantage of this opportunity to create differentiated services against your competition?


View individual call quality based on pre-set thresholds (click to view larger).

Differentiate your services by helping your customers optimize the performance of their network (WAN) service, and all of the critical business applications that run over those networks including Voice over IP (VoIP).

Visual Performance Managers Select VoIP module enables service providers to assess VoIP readiness and optimize VoIP performance by adding detailed VoIP analysis to the systems traditional strengths of managing data applications across the infrastructure.

A lot of tools will specialize in monitoring VoIP, but have no visibility into the application or network. With VPM, a hosted solution can be built to provide “tiered” offerings from network to applications to VoIP.

How are you going to support your customers VoIP visibility needs; before, during and after deployment?


Application Integrity Module - For Network Montoring and Troubleshooting. (click to view larger)

Show your customers that they are plugging  into a smarter network by sharing operational views that provide visibility into application  specific Class-of-Service (CoS), bandwidth  usage, and site to site performance.

Provide Network health from the customer’s  perspective:

  • Monitor key performance metrics
  • Proactive Network Alarming
  • Alarm delivery via SNMP, email, messaging, etc.
  • Site-to-site performance validation for each CoS
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports

Providing a collaborative view into the network allows you to determine clear ownership of issues and to resolved them quickly and efficiently whether it is misconfigured Class of Service, bursting, top talkers, end to end SLAs, or last mile issues on the circuit.

How do you prove it is not the network?


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