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AirMagnet Survey PRO

WiFi Survey Software to Deploy WLAN Right the First Time

airmagnet wifi mapping sofware

Design the most accurate indoor & outdoor wireless networks to avoid costly IT rework

  • Passive WiFi Site Surveys
    Wireless network cards do not associate with any particular AP or SSID. Instead, they scan through site channels and record all radio frequency (RF) signals and noises, providing a good overview of the cumulative wireless environment
  • Active WiFi Site Surveys
    Wireless network cards actively associate with an AP or SSID, sending RF packets to and from the AP or SSID of interest to emulate an end user. This allows surveyors to map out exactly how real-world clients will perform at various locations
  • Active/Iperf WiFi Site Surveys
    AirMagnet Survey integrates with the open source Iperf software. After initially configuring the Iperf server, users can gather transmission data for both uplink and downlink rates. Emulate real-world client behavior to deploy WLAN accurately
  • Spectrum Surveys & Voice over WiFi (VoFi) Surveys
    Conduct spectrum site surveys to identify WiFi interferers. Gather data from an active connection between a WiFi access point and a VoFi phone to validate phone call quality, capacity and other voice specific parameters at every location on a floor map
  • WiFi Heatmaps for Your Floorplan
    View wireless coverage, performance, channel overlap and other heat maps. Read up on AirMagnet Survey PRO's WiFi Heatmaps features to learn more.
Il s'agit uniquement d'une démonstration visuelle basée sur un fichier trace capturé au préalable. Pour une évaluation entièrement fonctionnelle du produit ou des informations complémentaires, appelez le 408585-6400 (États-Unis/Canada) ou le 978-320-2150 (autre pays) ou envoyez un email à [email protected]

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